About Us

JOMHAHA is a website under WIWIHAHA, a division of TheViko International Sdn. Bhd. JOMHAHA is a platform that publish "micro magazine", which is the combination of Magazine and Book, we called it as "Magazine book" (Mook).
This is a brand new idea in the field of media, it's different from paper publishing and digital publishing.

JOMHAHA as a new brand and idea in field of media, content are covering finance, literature, philosophy, history, education, family, sports, leisure, entertainment, food, life, health, fashion, career and others. Author not only can upload pictures, author also can upload mp3, WAV or other types of music files, allowing users to create personalized unique micro magazine and share to social circle. JOMHAHA is allowing users to spread users information effectively by using social media.


JOMHAHA will engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of customers and users. JOMHAHA intends to reshape the magazine and media industry as a sustainable content of superb quality of publishing and preserving the unique heritage of books. Brand and meets the largest online advertising company WIWIHAHA.


The professionalism of JOMHAHA is the become a platform between users and businesses. User can enjoy the content and interact with other user or business, while business can grow by promoting and advertising at JOMHAHA.